Hall sensor N08

Threaded sensor M8x22 with output signal of NAMUR type, requiring only two wires without external power (connection to signals PA, G only).

Is determined to scan crank-shaft or cam-shaft position of combustion engines.



Hall sensor N08

58.08 € with VAT

Technical Specification

It works on the principle of a high-frequency electromagnetic alternating field, which allows the sensed object to be detected.
The advantages of this sensor are small dimensions, function from zero motor speed, durable STAINLESS housing and connection with only two wires - NAMUR signal. Useful for MASTER-LITE 2TCI - HALL.

The sensor is supplied with the tightening nuts.


Basic technical parameters

Brand Turck BI1.5-EG08K-Y1
Threaded case M8 x 1; length 23.6 mm
Rated switching distance Sn 1.5 mm
Ambient temperature -25… +70 °C
Switching frequency 5 kHz
Voltage output nom. 8.2 VDC
Certification according to KEMA 02 ATEX 1090X
Max. tightening torque housing nut 5 Nm
Cable 2 meters, cross sec. 2x0,25 mm2
Vibration resistance 55 Hz (1 mm)
Shock resistance 30 g (11 ms)
Protection class IP67


Mechanical scheme

Electrical scheme


Available Variants

Name Cena s DPH  
Hall sensor N08 – Type Speed sensor with NAMUR output M8 58.08 €

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