For use in all types of motorcycles, oldtimers, go-karts, cars, motor-cross-seaters, simply for general use from hobby to professional racing and aircraft engines, turbines, cogeneration units, generating stations and other applications with 1, 2 and 4 cylinders. Easy installation and setup.  Please note: the documentation is uniform for all ECU MASTER line! 


1) What type of engine pick up sensor is used
     Inductive - passive inductive sensor eg S01, S04, S05 (two wires)
     Hall - integrated sensor Hall, Optical, Namur eg H01, H02, H03, F03, N08
2) What type of ignition coils is used
     Two-wire - common
     Three-wire - common or digital (digital requires inversion of production outputs)


175.45 € with VAT

Technical Specification

The unit ECU MASTER ignition has been functionally designed in order to control advance or injection of combustion engines of one, two or four cylinders, with whatever configuration of scanned teeth, types of sensors and features like 5D maps of advance and injection control, temperature, tachometer output, strobe lamp, charging control, engine speed and turbo preassure PID regulation, control switching on of fuel pump. Unit LITE contains only 2 TCI outputs.

The list of features mentioned above determines ECU MASTER ignition to be used either for a service or tunning replacement of conventional motorcycle or automobile ECU units, usable for ignition or injection coil control. The integrated redundancy of sensing, together with other key features makes ECU Master ignition very suitable for marine and aviation applications, moreover, thanks to the wide range of operating revolutions can be also used for turbines.

Important notification:

ECU MASTER LITE unit compared with MASTER standard is reduced by these signals AI2,AI3,AI4,DI2,DI3, DI4, PB,1OC,1OD,DO1,DO2. All software functions including injection support are preserved. In MASTER Control application is only necessary to choose  HARDWARE VERSION V7.X. Documentation at the bottom is however uniform for all versions of ECU MASTER units!

LITE - available units

TCI = output for inductive ignition coils or injection

MAP = MAP pressure sensor (older shortcut "P")

Hall = for Hall  or Optical sensing

Inductive = for Inductive types of sensor

  • ECU MASTER LITE - 2TCI - Inductive (2× outputs TCI; 3,5V up to 21V, INDUCTIVE sensing)
  • ECU MASTER LITE - 2TCI - Hall (2× outputs TCI; 3,5V up to 21V, HALL or Optical sensing)
  • ECU MASTER LITE - 2TCI - Inductive - MAP (2× outputs TCI; 3,5V up to 21V, INDUCTIVE sensing and integrated Pressure sensor, lenght 125mm)
  • ECU MASTER LITE - 2TCI - Hall - MAP (2× outputs TCI; 3,5V up to 21V, HALL or Optical sensing and integrated Pressure sensor, lenght 125mm)

The MAP-Vacuum Sensor is suitable for 4 cylinder motors, allowing you to further capture the engine's negative pressure, thus indirectly positioning the damper on the engine, helping to optimize the overrun and thus improve engine performance.

Main Features

  • The power supply range of 3,5 to 21 V
  • Working speed from 0 to 65 000 rpm
  • Operating temperature -40 to 85 °C
  • Based on FPGA technology and microprocessor support
  • Mathematical model of the real engine rotation, 64bit
  • Adjustable pick up sensing levels, A/D conversion of signals, ± 25.5 V, 1Msps
  • Angular maps of teeth, the voltage levels for different speeds, filters capture
  • Customizing the input type sensor: Induction, Hall, Optical, Hammer
  • Advance and Injection control – optional 5D map of ±360° and 0 to 60ms
  • Integrated oscilloscope, runtime visualisation of pick up and switching, ± 25.5 V, 1Msps
  • Outputs TCI – MOSFET automotive 18A/650V
  • Advanced functions – temperature, vacuum, vibration, tachometer, charging
  • User configuration by PC – while in operation with possibility of status visualization
  • Measurement of voltage, temperature and load of converters
  • Records – long-term and common, engine hours
  • Convenient Firmware Upgrade – regulary and easy updates via the website
  • Rapid diagnosis function using LED
  • Water protection IP65


Technical parameters

Parametr Range
Supply voltage TCI … 3,5V – 21V
Current Consumption TCI … < 100mA
Working speed (range management) 0 – 65 000 rpm
Working temperature -40 – 85°C
Input mode PA ±25.5V, ±0.1V, sampling 1Msps
Maps advance [1]…[8] ±360°, 8 x 256 pts, (0.1 - 65 000 rpm)
Maps injection [1]…[8] 0...60ms, 8 x 256 pts, (0.1 - 65 000 rpm)
Switching coil (1OA, 1OB) 2xTCI TCI .. MOSFET automotive 18A/650V OVERVOLTAGE protection 360V
Digital inputs DI1 0 – 2V = L, 3 – 16V = H (Pull up 1kΩ)
Analog inputs AI1 AI1 … 0–5V;
Measurement of voltage (power supply) 3.5 – 21V (tol. ±2%)
Temperature measurement (inside housing) -40 – 125°C (tol. ±2°C)
Resistance of primary winding coils* TCI – Inductive, resistance 0.2–25Ω (Pull up 1kΩ)
TCI – Injection, resistance 0.2–25Ω (Pull up 1kΩ)
Memory record 8kB RAM, 8MB FLASH
Status indication by LED Blue
User Configuration - USB Freeware software MASTER control
Protection cover IP65
Package size 55 (100 for version with MAP pressure sensor) x79x16 mm


125 g

* measured between terminals 1 (switching) and G (ground) for capacitive coil or 1 and 15 (supply) induction

Connector plugging

 Zapojení konektoru ECU MASTER LITE


MarkingMeaningRange, Active level
+ Voltage suply 3.5V – 21V
G Earthing power, sensors 0V
1OA-1OB Switching coils A-B or user outputs TCI* - Inductive, resistance 0.2 to 25ohm (Pull up 1kΩ)
TCI* - Injection, resistance 0.2 to 25ohm (Pull up 1kΩ)
PA Rotation sensor A ±25.5V, minimum ±0.1V, sampling 1Msps
AI1 /
Analog input AI1
Digital input DI1
AI1: 0-5V/ 0-10kΩ
DI1: 0-16V (Pull up 10kΩ)

* TCI output - other use (switching injectors, fuel pump, a stroboscope, tachometer etc.)


Preview of application

Online visualisation

This is an operational display of function and status of ignition unit MASTER. In order to have functional display it is necessary to have USB connection and switch power supply on.

Visualised data

  • Speed (rpm) and advance of engine [°]
  • Sensor voltage PA, PB [V]
  • Power supply [V] and Temperature [°]
  • Converter CDI – Voltage [V], pulsed current [A] and load [%]
  • Signals 1OA - 1OH, DI1, DI2, DO1, DO2, AI1, AI2, PA, PB
  • Engine hours [s]



Maps of advance

Maps provide a fast tool to display and model individual curves in advance [1] – [8] in full angle range ±360°. The given figure influences the moment of output switch from 1OA to 1OH. By using digital (DI1, DI2) or analogue outputs AI1, AI2, PA, PB) it is possible to operationally switch among the maps.

Modelling tools:

  • Editor maps in advance – quick draw of maps according to specified points
  • Mouse modelling – direct editing of maps is possible by mouse movement
  • Map shifting – whole map shifting or selected parts only
  • Copying – copies of maps one to another of your choice
  • Table – direct entry of specific points into table
  • Filter – in-progress filtration, rounding the edges of maps


Sensing configuration

Configuring the sensing of engine rotation is the key part of ignition unit MASTER ignition. Within its setting it is possible to select Pick Up voltage sensing level and adapt this level for more range of engine speed. There are other settings to be selected such as filter setting, angles of Trigger Wheel teeth maps or alternatively second level of voltage for synchronisation.

Pick Up voltage sensing level and Trigger Wheel teeth map are predefined for many application Eg. BOSCH 60-2, BOSCH 36-2, BOSCH 2+1, BMW 36-1, FORD 36-1, SUZUKI 24-2, YAMAHA 16-2, HARLEY 32-2.

Konfigurace snímače – náhled obrazovky

Oscilloscopic record

Oscilloscopic record is used in order to graphically visualise measured and calculated data. This helps to quickly evaluate the proper and accurate function of ignition unit MASTER. It can thus evaluate the correctness of voltage sensing, counting teeth of mathematic model of the real rotation and angels of closing of output coils.

An example to be given; curve angle of engine displacement must be regularly and horizontally increased from 0 to 360°. If there is any change of steepness in the curve or the angle is shorten, the problem is to be found either in wrong angle set up, number of teeth, the type of synchronisation or unsuitable voltage for sensing.

Visualised data:

  • Rotation sensor voltage, PA, PB [V]
  • Tooth index of sensed blade, Tooth index A-B [-]
  • Engine displacement angle, Angle A-B [°]
  • Engine revolutions, Revolutions A-B [%]
  • Outputs closing 1OA-1OH [-]


Software tutorial

Reference videos



ECU MASTER LITE unit compared with ECU MASTER standard is reduced by these signals AI2,AI3,AI4,DI2,DI3, DI4, PB,1OC,1OD,DO1,DO2. All software functions including injection support are preserved. In MASTER Control application is only necessary to choose  HARDWARE VERSION V7.X. Documentation at the bottom is however uniform for all versions of ECU MASTER units!



Name Date File
MasterSchemeV8_43_EN – Schemes and configurations [pdf, 2.3 MB] 12.06.2018 Download
MasterCDI_TCI_V8_43_EN - instructions [pdf, 3.0 MB] 12.06.2018 Download
MasterFAQ_EN [pdf, 2.2 MB] 19.04.2018 Download

Application Software

Name Date File
PC application V8.44 – [zip, 972 kB] 10.04.2019 Download
*.ig file examples – [zip, 2 MB] 22.11.2019 Download
USBdriver_v2.12.24 [zip, 1335 kB] 21.02.2017 Download
Ignore Serial Number Utility (Windows XP) [zip, 64 kB] 02.11.2014 Download

Available Variants

Name Cena s DPH  
ECU MASTER LITE – Type 2TCI - Inductive 175.45 €
ECU MASTER LITE – Type 2TCI - Hall 175.45 €
ECU MASTER LITE – Type 2TCI - Inductive - MAP 225.06 €
ECU MASTER LITE – Type 2TCI - Hall - MAP 225.06 €

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