Ignition for Trabant based on ECU MASTER LITE Plug & Play

Mechanical resistance

Records of engine hours and other data (revolutions, advance, voltage, etc.)

Reducing power consumption - precise excitation of coils

Technical Specification

- Original EBZA sensor can be used for scanning (EBZA sensor is not part of the product), or you can buy sensor F04 from our Accessories offer, it comes together with shading disc and with steinless steel underlying plate - F04.

- Suitale for all types of Trabant car

- Advance curve is loaded in the ECU, no need to set this up, just Plug & Play

- If you like, the ignition timing can be set by the curve

- Easy fitting

- For advanced users, the documentation and PC applications and example configuration settings (*.ig) are available for free download on the website in the Documentation section or here. If you want to have these files on a flash drive, here is the option to purchase one. We will upload everything there for you.





Name Date File
MasterSchemeV8_43_EN – Schemes and configurations [pdf, 2.3 MB] 12.06.2018 Download
Trabant kit users manual 21.05.2018 Download
MasterFAQ_EN [pdf, 2.2 MB] 19.04.2018 Download

Application Software

Name Date File
PC application V8.44 – [zip, 972 kB] 10.04.2019 Download
*.ig file examples – [zip, 2 MB] 22.11.2019 Download

Available Variants

Name Cena s DPH  
TRABANT KIT IGNITION – Type Trabant Kit zapalování 243.21 €

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