• Battery variable holder

    Easy and quick mounting of batteries and possible dismantling. Fixing the batteries of different types and sizes. Mounting: DIN or panel with screws. Holder dimensions: 196x70x90. Our own product.

    Držák na baterii 23.00 €

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    Charging cable designed to charge electric vehicles.

    ev cable 405.35 €

    price with VAT

  • Stator

    Magneto stator coil

    Stator Honda 2 10.89 €

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  • Position sensor NPN, threaded

    Induction position sensor NPN, bold type 8mm

    NPN_snimac 8.47 €

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  • Position sensor PNP, threaded 12 mm

    Induction position sensor PNP, bold type 12 mm

    PNP_snímač 8.47 €

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