Wideband LAMBDA controller MODULE- LCP80

Product LAMBDA controller - LCP80 is separate module for control and signal processing of wideband lambda probe type LSU 4.9 a LSU 4.2. Back part is designed to be attached to DIN rail.

We supply along with matting terminal blocks and USB cable for PC connection.

Wideband LAMBDA controller MODULE- LCP80

215.38 € with VAT

Technical Specification

Lambda Controller can be used for efficient combustion process in:

-  Combustion engines of automobiles
-  Cogeneration units = CHP
-  Boilers for gas combustion or biomass
Industrial furnaces and kins
-  Converter between older narrowband Bosch LSM-11 to wideband Bosch LSU 4.9
-  Output CANbus J1939 or voltage 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA (± 0.1%)

LAMBDA controller is based on circuit BOSCH CJ125 which serves basic function of oxygen sensor along with supporting microprocessor for filtering and control. Microprocessor also provides forwarding data to the diagnostic interface USB or CANbus in protocol SAE J1939. Lambda probe heater is controlled by PID regulator and the resistance of measuring cell (Nerns Cell) with auto-off option according to engine speed received from CANbus.

LAMBDA controller processes and visualizes data about Lambda mixture – λ, Oxygen – O2, Ratio – A/F, Probe temperature – T [°C], Supply voltage – U[V] and Engine speed – RPM.

LAMBDA controller can be directly included in the ECU MASTER unit as extened module. This solution is possible only for units with four outputs, such as MASTER 4TCI. For units with ten outputs is possible connection by CANbus – J1939 interface.

Main Features

  • Supply voltage range 7 to 36V (12V/24V)
  • Consumption 10W (Lambda heater)
  • Operation temperature −40 to 85°C
  • Support for Lambda sensor type: LSU 4.9 and LSU 4.2
  • Used BOSCH CJ125 circuit and microprocessor support
  • Visualization:
    • Lambda – λ .......................... 0.7 to 12.5 (± 0.1%)
    • Oxygen – O2 ........................ -7.5 to 20% (± 0.1%)
    • Ratio – A/F ............................ Gasoline, Diesel, Methanol, Ethanol
    • E85, LPG, CNG, Hydrogen
    • Temperature – T [°C] ......... -40 to 1050°C (± 3°C)
    • Supply voltage – U [V] ......... 7 to 50V (± 2%)
    • Analog out – AO  ................. 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA (± 0.1%)
    • Engine hours ....................... [h:m:s]
  • CANbus support at protocol SAE J1939 (250kbps)
  • Supported connection or integration with ECU MASTER
  • Galvanically isolated USB – USB protection against earth fault and EMC disturbances
  • PC application – configuration and visualization measured values
  • Measuring the supply voltage
  • Installation standard – DIN rail 35mm
  • Protection class – IP20
  • Dimensions 118×101×23mm

Signal Description

+V Supply 9 to 36V (12V/24V)
G Ground supply 0V
AO Analog Output 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-20mA, 4-20mA (± 0.1%)
CAN bus SAE J1939 / 250kbps
LSU 4.9 (LSU 4.2)
IP (red) Lambda LSU - pin 1 (6*) IP/APE - pump current shunt input
VM (yellow) Lambda LSU - pin 2 (5*) VM/IPN - virtual ground output
HEAT− (white) LSU - pin 3 (4*) Uh−/H− – heating +
HEAT+ (gray) Lambda LSU - pin 4 (3*) Uh+/H - heating +
IA (green) Lambda LSU - pin 5 (2*) IA/RT - pump current control output
UN (black) Lambda LSU - pin 6 (1*) UN/RE - inverting input of pump

* Index of pins depends on Lambda probe type; index in brackets belongs to type LSU 4.2

Wiring schema



Application LAMBDA control – visualization software

Visualization is done from application LAMBDA control run on your PC. The application works under Windows 95 and higher. Installation requires 4MB of free space at your hard disc.

To connect lambda to PC is used USB interface. Driver for USB is included on the installation CD.

Visualized information

  • Revolutions [RPM]
  • Lambda – λ
  • Oxygen – O2
  • Ratio – A/F
  • Temperature – T [°C]
  • Supply voltage – U [V]
  • Analog output – AO [V/mA]
  • Engine hours [h:m:s]

AFR – Air Fuel Ratio

Tabulka Air Fuel Ration


Name Date File
LAMBDA_AnalogOUT r8_4 [pdf, 180kB] 15.02.2021 Download
LAMBDA_AnalogOUT r8_4 [xls, 183kB] 15.02.2021 Download
Manual_EN_LAMBDA controller - LCP80 [pdf, 900kB] 15.02.2021 Download
J1939_CANopen_Protocol [pdf, 50kB] 17.04.2019 Download
Certificate – Radio disturbance characteristics; Immunity characteristics 10.08.2015 Download

Application Software

Name Date File
LAMBDA control V9.3 [zip, 774kB] 15.02.2021 Download
USBdriver_v2.12.24 [zip, 1335 kB] 21.02.2017 Download

Available Variants

Name Cena s DPH  
Wideband LAMBDA controller MODULE- LCP80 – Type basic 215.38 €

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