Hall sensor H03

Threaded Hall sensor H03 - is intended for monitoring crank-shaft or cam-shaft position of combustion engine.

Hall sensor H03

42.35 € with VAT

Technical Specification

H03 is threaded Hall sensor with integrated magnet.
Rotary disc or teeth must be from ferromagnetic material.
This sensor is suitable for use with ECU MASTER.
The advantage is easy tuning of sensing gap with the nuts.
For wiring, we recommend to use connector K03.
Ability to capture speed near zero.
„10 bit dynamic threshold detection offers automatically adjusting magnetic range
Compatible with unregulated power supply
„Reverse battery protected to -24VDC
Discrete wire version: 20 AWG, tin plated, polyolefi
Hard coat anodized aluminum housing


Operating Voltage Range 5,0-24 VDC
Supply Current 6 mA max.
Output sink (NPN)
Output Saturation Voltage 400 mV max.
Output Current 20 mA max.
Operating Temp Range -40 to 125 °C
Storage Temp Range -40 to 125 °C
Thread M12-1
Barrel Length 65 mm
Leads 20AWG x 1m BBB


Notes: The resistor shown is not needed as it is part of the MASTER ignition unit in the HALL configuration

Elektrical schema

Available Variants

Name Cena s DPH  
Hall sensor H03 – Type H03 Hall sensor 42.35 €

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