Infrared sensor F02

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Infrared sensor F02 - is determined to scan crank-shaft or cam-shaft position of combustion engine.

Technical Specification

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Physical principle of sensor is infrared bar whose beam is interrupted by rotating metal or plastic opaque disc.
The sensor is suitable for use with ECU MASTERs.
The advantage of compact size enables placement in distributor.
Beware, this sensor is sensitive to day light!

Basic technical parameters

Parameter Range
Supply voltage 5V
Amperage take-off 20mA
Working revolutions 0 to 25.000 rev/min
Working temperature -25 to 85°C
Type of switching Open commutator (NPN)
Maximum switched amperage 20mA
Maximum switched tension 30V
Tension drop in switched status 0,4V while 1mA
Outer proportions 50x15 mm


We offer alternation to 12V - on demand. Same price.

Mechanical scheme


Electrical scheme