Contactless ECU kit based on MASTER LITE for BMW R50/2 - R69S, modell year 1955 to 1969

Technical Specification

Again available in October!


Contactless ECU

Control unit MASTER LITE in the kit for the old-timers BMW R50/2 - R69S, made over years 1950-1969.


✔ Plug and Play – Ready for BMW engine work

✔ Software maps and curves are all set in the unit (no need to adjust them)

✔ All the gear is hidden to the eye in the engine

✔ Advance map 2D or 3D

✔ Easy engine start and clear power

✔ One or Two outputs to ignition coil

✔ Supply voltage 3.5V to 21V

✔ Integrated Oscilloscope 1Msps for better diagnostic

✔ Datalogger to internal FLASH 8MB

✔ User configuration and visualisation by PC

✔ Built from robust components - Stainless steel

✔ All parts fit on the original holes


Applicable for following models:


Model     Model Year

R50/2      1955 – 1969

R60/2      1956 – 1969

R50S        1960 – 1962

R69          1955 – 1960

R69S        1960 – 1969




Assembly set

1x   ECU MASTER LITE 80x55x16 mm (Aluminium)
1x   PVL INDUCTIVE COIL 76x60x40 mm (PVL 356 100)
2x   PVL IGNITION CABLE 600 mm (Plastic + Copper)
1x   Ignition base 115x112x3mm (Stainless steel)
1x   Industrial Pick up Sensor M8x23 (Stainless steel)
1x   Two parts Trigger-Wheel 30 mm (Stainless steel)
1x   Pick up Sensor Holder (Stainless steel)
16x Screws, Nuts and Washers (Stainless steel)
3x   Connection wires (Red, White, Black)
1x   CD with PC application


Available types

  • KIT BMW R50/2 - R69S - "+" pole on the frame
  • KIT BMW R50/2 - R69S - "-" pole on the frame

You will know that if you look which battery pole is connected to the frame (chassis, ground), plus or minus?


Reference video




Name Date File
BMW R50/2 - R69S IGNITION KIT manual EN 31.03.2019 Download
MasterSchemeV8_43_EN – Schemes and configurations [pdf, 2.3 MB] 12.06.2018 Download
MasterFAQ_EN [pdf, 2.2 MB] 19.04.2018 Download

Application Software

Name Date File
*.ig file examples – [zip, 2 MB] 28.02.2019 Download