ACTUATOR controller - ACP90

Product ACTUATOR controller caries out control of stepper motor position according to superior system.

We supply along with matting terminal blocks and USB cable for PC connection.

ACTUATOR controller - ACP90

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Technical Specification

Short description

Product ACTUATOR controller, type ACP90 is stand-alone module, which controls precisely position of valves and flaps used in industrial applications. For instance it is suitable for  speed and mixture regulation of cogeneration units – CHP, generator unit or other systems regarding fast and accurate changes to the actuator.

For propulsion of valves and flaps it is used stepper motor with wheeled gearbox or toothed belt. The advantage of stepper motor use is low price, high torque, speed and accuracy to achieve the desired position. PID parameters are not necessary, because final position is immediate and precise on the principle of stepper motor.

Product ACTUATOR controller caries out control of stepper motor position according to  superior system. The information for the location is transmitted via interface Analog 0-5Vm, PWM 0-100%, or via CANbus in SAE J1939 protocol, or CANopen. Configuration and diagnostic is done through USB interface.

Main Features

  • Supply voltage 7 až 36V (12V/24V)
  • Operating temperature -40 až 85°
  • Input:
    • AI [V] ......................     0-5V (Analog)
    • PWM [%] ................     0-100% (Discrete)
    • DI+/DI- ...................     0-100% (Discrete)
    • CAN-BUS ................     J1939 / CANopen (250kbps)
  • Output:     
    • AO [V] .....................     0-5V (Analog)
    • Stepper motor  
      • 2 phases (4,6 or 8 wires)
      • torque up to 10Nm (motor x transfer )
      • real step up to 0,05° (motor x transfer x microsteps)
      • current max. 1.6A
      • microsteps 1/2, 1/8, 1/32
      • speed 2000 steps/s
      • suitable transfer 1:1 až 1:4   
  • Excellent ratio   Price / Performance
  • Galvanically isolated USB – USB protection against earth fault
  • PC application – visualization of measured values
  • Measuring of the supply voltage
  • Calibration is not required
  • Installation standard – DIN rail 35mm
  • Protection class – IP20
  • Dimensions 118x101x23mm

ACTUATOR controller – signal description


 +V Power supply 9 až 36V (+12V/24V)
 G Ground supply 0V
 AOUT+ Stepper motor – Signal A+ Power +12V/24V or regulated
 AOUT- Stepper motor – Signal A- Power +12V/24V or regulated
 BOUT+ Stepper motor – Signal B+ Power +12V/24V or regulated
 BOUT- Stepper motor – Signal B- Power +12V/24V or regulated
 AI Analog Input 0-5V ( 0.5%)
 PWM Discrete Input 0-100% (5-24V, 50-500Hz)
 DI+/DI- Discrete Input 0V or 5-24V
 G Ground signal 0V
 AO Analog Output 0-5V ( 0.5%)
 STATUS Status Output Open Collector – 1k Pull up
Fieldbus CANbus SAE J1939 / CANopen


ACTUATOR controller – wiring schema

Aplikace ACTUATOR control – visualization software

Visualization will run under application ACTUATOR control on your PC. The application works under Windows XP and higher. Installation requires 4MB of free space at your hard disc.

PC connection is done using USB interface. Driver for USB is included on the installation CD.

Visualized information

  • Shaft Angle [°]
  • Actual Step  [-]
  • Desired Step [-]
  • Analog Input – AI [V], PWM [%]
  • Analog Output – AO [V]
  • Supply voltage – U [V]
  • Readout – engine hours [h:m:s]


Spuštění vizualizace


Reference videos


Name Date File
LAMBDA_AnalogOUT r8_5 [pdf, 180kB] 24.06.2021 Download
LAMBDA_AnalogOUT r8_5 [xls, 183kB] 24.06.2021 Download
J1939_CANopen_Protocol [pdf, 50kB] 17.04.2019 Download
ActuatorController_ACP90_EN [pdf, 350kB] 24.04.2016 Download

Application Software

Name Date File
LAMBDA control V9.4 [zip, 774kB] 24.06.2021 Download
USBdriver_v2.12.24 [zip, 1335 kB] 21.02.2017 Download

Available Variants

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ACTUATOR controller - ACP90 – Type ACTUATOR controller ACP90 356.95 €

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