ECU MASTER LITE - new smallest version of MASTERs line.

New ECU unit for 1-4 cylindres (2x output TCI). Aluminum case, mass flooded.

New product ACTUATOR controller type ACP90

A stand-alone module, which controls precisely position of valves and flaps. For instance, it is suitable for speed and mixture regulation of cogeneration units – CHP, generator units or other systems regarding fast and accurate changes to the actuator.

New SW for LAMBDA controllers is added with CAN address choice.

Now you can change address for CAN-BUS + send messages in new CANopen protocol.

Stepper control version:

New documentation for LAMBDA Controllers

Dokumentation for LAMBDA Controllers is updated with version V8.0_CZ :

Upgrade of aplikacation LAMBDA control V8.0.10

It has been upgraded our program for all LAMBDA Controllers. You can download it for instance here

New SW version for USB-CAN Adapters available.

To download a new software version for the USB-CAN converters follow this link:

New SW version of MASTER ECUs

Updated firmware version for all units MASTER:

New LAMBDA control module on DIN rail.

Our production range has spead with new LAMBDA Controllers for DIN rail mount. We also developed new version V9, which anables you to precise control of flap in stepper motor.

Certification for LAMBDA Controller.

recently published in documentation.

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