LAMBDA Controller LCP80 - expanded with switchable ranges 0-5V, 0-10V, 0-20mA and 4-20mA


Application for ECU MASTERs updated!


LAMBDA Controller LCP80 - added curve for simulation of LSM-11 narrowband probes


SW update for LAMBDA controllers LCP80, LCP90 (LCA80, LCA90)

New Curve O2 1.0 for O2[%] measurement for analoque output A0[V] added.

-Improvement for non-engine applications

Download here


PC app update for Actuator V9.0.17

Shortcut to download here.

Application MASTER ignition in version V8.43 released.

- added CANopen protocol message data PDO1, PDO2 and GUARD
- added more precise conversion from analog inputs to real value
- added support for Pick up proximity sensor with NAMUR signal
- repared exceptional spark when Power on 
Download here.

Application USB-CAN in version V4.15 released.

Added function of signal storing in LITTLE and BIG ENDIAN format.

Download here.

LAMBDA controller - SW update for MICRO STEP and MIN STEP settings.

LAMBDA controller SW now enables these important settings: 

- MICRO STEP (micro-step setting 1/32, 1/8, 1/2 - LCP90, ACP90)

- MIN STEP (minimum number of steps STEPPER - LCP90)

Download here


MASTER LITE - version with integrated pressure sensor released.


New firmware for all ECU MASTERs (V8.41)

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